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Kary Stoor in her Montana environment with the dogs

Kary Stoor was born in Idaho and was raised with animals all her childhood, with her first word being "doggy". Ever since a small child, Kary has loved and cared for all her animals.  Before she could walk, she was riding a horse as her Dad would put Kary with him in the saddle riding on the family’s ranch.

Kary in the wild with her horse and dog

Her destination of a lifetime of caring, raising and training animals began in 4-H at the age of 8. By 16, she was taking dog obedience classes and acquiring more knowledge each year from several different trainers about training a well-rounded social dog. To this day, she raises and trains all her dogs in classes for socialization. Transferring this knowledge and experience into raising your puppies with lots of love.

Kary with her horse and dog about her education and experience

In 1986, Kary moved to Colorado to attend Veterinarian Technician school. The career choice of a Veterinarian Technician was a natural step and helps to this day in the raising of horses and dogs, providing her animals the very best medical care. That same year, she married Terry Woltman, a Veterinarian. Together, they created Flying Walker Ranch to breed, train, show and ride Tennessee Walker horses.  Having owned and trained horses all her life, this was a natural venture for Kary. Along with the horses, she also bred & raised miniature Dachshunds for 20 years.

Moving to the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Montana in 2006 with her Flying Walker Horse Ranch, Kary soon began raising Toy Australian Shepherds (Aussies), as they make excellent ranch dogs with acres to play in and love to trail ride with the horses. These smaller, compact size Aussies make them the perfect traveling buddies! Because they are very family-oriented dogs, they travel and camp everywhere with us. The entirety of Kary's dogs are raised as part of the family and so are all the puppies.

Kary camping with the dogs
Kary with Junebug and Holly and the mountains


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